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Wildlife of the Saugus River Watershed:

The Saugus River Watershed is home to a variety of animals.  Reedy Meadow, which is a water retention area for the Saugus River, is particularly abundant in wildlife.  Here we can find beavers, deer, coyotes, birds, and more wildlife.  Reedy meadow is located Between Lynnfield and Wakefield. It is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in Massachusetts.  The Saugus River not only provides water for people, but also an important habitat for a variety of animals.

Walk or Paddle in the Saugus River Watershed:

There are many places to walk or paddle within the Saugus River Watershed.  From the popular national park “The Saugus Ironworks” to lesser known destinations such as “Partridge Island Trail” in Reedy Meadow.  The Saugus River is also a great place to go for a paddle.  More videos of places to hike, walk, or paddle are coming soon and will be published over the Spring and Summer.

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