Everett High Students drawing plants at Town Line Brook

School Programs

2006 Watershed Awareness
Youth Environmental Education Program

The Watershed Awareness Program is offered by the Saugus River Watershed Council in partnership with New England Discovery. This new partnership will offer students a rich environmental education experience that incorporates environmental awareness, watershed concepts, and knowledge and appreciation about wildlife.

Downloand printable Program Flyer

Dear Educators:

The Saugus River Watershed Council (SRWC) is pleased to offer these FREE environmental education programs for public schools and youth groups.

  • Registration is on a first come first serve basis and will fill up quickly.
  • For registration or more information, please contact the Council at srw@shore.net or 781-233-5046.
  • Programs are designed for grades K to 12 and are tailored to your student’s grade level.
  • Typical programs include a classroom visit followed by a field program in a location such as Rumney Marsh, Reedy Meadow or Breakheart Reservation.
  • Programs are FREE for public schools and youth organizations located in the following communities which are part of the Saugus River Watershed: Saugus, Lynn, Revere, Wakefield, Lynnfield, Malden, Melrose, Everett, Reading, Stoneham and Peabody.
  • Participating schools or youth organizations are responsible for transportation to and from programs in the field.

    Sample Program Topics

  • Build a watershed model.
  • Create water conservation budgets for individual homes and schools.
  • Learn about what a watershed is and how pollution has an impact on the local environment.
  • Explore natural areas in the watershed such as the Reedy Meadow freshwater marsh, Rumney Marsh salt marsh, Saugus River and Breakheart Reservation.
  • Learn how to identify signs and tracks of local wildlife such as beaver, deer, river otters and coyotes.
  • Learn how fish such as smelt, alewives, American eel, and perch use the Saugus River.
  • Learn about the water cycle by tracking the course of a water droplet.
  • Participate in hands-on science activities such as water quality sampling and fish monitoring.
  • Learn about the valuable role of salt marshes and freshwater wetlands through classroom projects and field trips.

    All programs are designed to meet the Massachusetts Science and Technology Curriculum Frameworks

"The Saugus River has been a significant resource throughout our region's history. It is up to us to act now and provide proper conservation and preservation so that our children, and theirs, can fully enjoy all the river can offer now and in the future."

Skip Cole, Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site



The Saugus River Watershed Council
P.O. Box 1092, Saugus Massachusetts 01906

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