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Summer 2002 Currents

Steve Angelo Announces Retirement

Saugus Town Manager Steve Angelo has announced that he will retire by the end of August for personal reasons. During his work as Saugus Town Manager and his previous experience as a legislator in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Steve has done much to improve the environment in Saugus and the North Shore region.

As a legislator from 1981 to 2001, Steve was the chief sponsor of several environmental laws that have played a significant role in protecting the natural resources of the watershed. These include the Solid Waste Act, the Acid Rain Law, the Water Management Act, the Administrative Penalties Law, laws governing Underground Storage Tanks, and establishment of the State Revolving Fund. Over the years, Angelo has been recognized for his contributions to environmental protection by receiving awards from the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and being voted ‘Legislator of the Year’ by the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions.

When asked what he thought was his most significant environmental accomplishment for Saugus, Steve said he was most proud of his success as a legislator in requiring significantly more stringent pollution controls on RESCO, including construction of a slurry wall around the landfill in 1987. As Town Manager, Angelo successfully implemented the Saugus River Dredging Project which has increased access for boaters along the River, and completed several water and sewer line repairs that have reduced stormwater pollution to the River.

The Council would like to thank Steve for his many contributions to protecting the environment over the past two decades. We wish him and his family all of the best.


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